Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Plastic Recycling At Home

Every year, man produces about one billion pieces of plastic, according to the latest statistics. All man-made plastics remain so far, since plastic does not decompose on the ground. Nice to save things and many others, we review the next lines a number of simple ways to recycle plastic and we will discuss the subject in two forms.

The first for the purpose of home use such as re-use of tools surrounding us at home and the second for the purpose of commercial recycling of plastic Most of the material profit through the work of a special project to recycle plastic we follow.

Recycling plastic for domestic use:

1. Making containers for agriculture:

Growing plants inside plastic soda water bottles can be done in several ways:

The first method is to cut a part of the bottle as shown in the picture, to build a diverse green wall of herbs and various plants.

Making containers for agriculture

The second method: recycling plastic for the manufacture of beautiful vases, and can be manufactured as shown in the image by the use of silver and gold or any other color suitable for decoration and cutting the bottle in half, with the use of an old cylinder as a base for the vase as shown in the picture.

Method 3: Design and landscaping using empty bottles As shown in the picture, you can store a quantity of bottles you have to make a wonderful plant basin. Just put the bottles next to each other and put the soil between them to give this wonderful shape.

2. In the field of home furniture:

Plastic can be recycled so that it can be used as a household foundation in simple steps.

The first way: make cushions using empty water bottles, a number of bottles are collected and then placed inside the adhesive frame and leveled well then put a piece of wood from the top and bottom and then put pieces of sponge and then cloth to make a wonderful pillow with the simplest things.

The second way: making a toy box and a seat at the same time, mothers suffer from contention with toys, plastic fruit boxes can be exploited all shapes and sizes not only the size shown in the picture and the work of a box and seat attractive.

. In the kitchen:

Plastic bottles and cans can be used to store spices and spices.You can re-shape and paint your kitchen from time to time to prevent boredom. If you want to learn how to recycle flasks

Plastic recycling as a business:

If you start a simple plastic recycling business you can start a small place and buy a simple recycling machine, which is the recycling and use of industrial waste made of plastic material, to be used again in a different form, and can shorten the life cycle of plastic in the picture below.
The way you can start your business is to recycle plastic products to enter the marketing bags industry because it costs only a simple recycling machine in addition to plastic products. Recycling to work out.

Plastic recycling steps:

Recycling is done in several steps: collection, sorting, washing, drying, cutting, forming, injection, blowing, extrusion and cooling. In achieving environmental sustainability and achieving organic utilization of environmental products and waste. If you are thinking of starting a plastic recycling project, you should study the market around you that your final product will sell as well as look for a feasibility study for the project to be able to start without problems or obstacles.

"Going Green Is the Way To Go"

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